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HeTianA tuner

My career makes me very sensitive to voice, so I have a very high demand for house soundproof, and many houses are not satisfied. I have already prepared for it. My friend recommended this website to me. The house I found is of high value and good sound insulation, thanks to TOMAHO.

ShengfeihongPsychological consultation teacher

As a counselor, I am very clear about the importance of social interaction to people. So I moved away from my old place to find a better atmosphere, so I went to TOMAHO, and it didn't let me down.


Every time I move to a house, it is hard to find a house that I agree with, because the requirement for the house is very high. Later, my colleagues asked me to try this website. I didn't expect to really find a favorite house for me.


When I was looking for a house to accidentally see this website on the network platform to find room these false houses flooded today, in fact I don't believe what the so-called "absolute truth", so I didn't think I would be out _ (3 / _: "), first, the deduction in the you actually hit my face.


My friend recommended this site when I wanted to change the house before, and I looked at it. It gave me an unexpected result, but it wasn't bad.

SteveForeign teacher

It's always been my biggest trouble to live in China. I even couldn't find a suitable house for a month's stay, but TOMAHO quickly solved my problem. It's great.


Actually, this website is really not a false housing source. The apartment I found from here is still living in my favorite painting lady, like a dream, it must be full score!!!


The customer service is very patient and meticulous. It can see that it is very earnest to help me find the right house and find the house is very good. I even got acquainted with two cats in the neighborhood.


It's hard to have a web site that keeps the information on its platform all the real, and in my sense, the platform is really good.


I'm very satisfied with the services that TOMAHO brings to me. My requests can satisfy me as much as possible. If I look for myself, I will not be able to find the current house.

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